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The 'Run for Rights and Solidarity' at the World Social Forum


The 'Run for Rights and Solidarity' at the World Social Forum

The 'Run for Rights and Solidarity' will start on Saturday January 31 at 4pm. The race will start outside the area of the World Social Forum (WSF), near the entrance at the Universidade Federal do Pará (UFPA) and the race will be about 6km long, crossing the areas of Guamà and Tierra Firme.

Participants may either run or walk, as the most important thing is to be present - the main goal of the race is to bring the WSF outside, to help WSF participants interact with the people of Belem, and also to get the people of Belem in contact with the participants of the WSF.

Registration for the race is free. It is possible to register at the 'Area Sport for All' and in the accreditation area of the WSF, at the centre for the Segurancia Cidade in Guamà and in the office of SESC in Doca de Souza Franco.

The run is organised by Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti (UISP) in cooperation with SESC, the Office of Sport and Loisir of Parà, WSF organisers, local organizations and is supported by ARCI, the Italian Coordination FSE – FSM and the Region of Tuscany.

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Daniela Conti


Monday, January 19, 2009 - 23:00


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