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Sacred Sports Foundation Inc. joins the community


Sacred Sports Foundation Inc. joins the community

Sacred Sports Foundation Inc. shares information about their organization and some of their initiatives.

Sacred Sports Foundation Inc.

is a non profit organization that is focused on youth development through sport in the Caribbean.They organize grassroots-level community events that primarily target youth aged 7-23 and use popular sports such as football to encourage fitness, wellness, sportsmanship, personal development, discipline, and life skills.

Sacred Sports Foundation Inc. runs a programme called
Football in Saint Lucia-A New Journey which aims to help youth improve their football skills by receiving valuable lessons from a well-trained coaching staff. The goal is to increase not only the skill level, but also participation in the sport.

Nova Alexander is a Team Player with Sacred Sports Foundation Inc and her high level experiencing managing sports related programs has helped her make the foundation a success.

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Marvin Smith


Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 23:00

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