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Second day at Sport as a Mediator between Cultures conference


Second day at Sport as a Mediator between Cultures conference

The second of the three day Sport as a Mediator between Cultures Conference featured many presentations from keynote speakers, poster presentations and a panel discussion.

On Friday, 16 September, the second day of the International Conference of Sport for Development and Peace, many of the speeches given focused on facilitating connectivity between various Sport for Peace and Development stakeholders.

Addressing the increasing body of scientific literature on Sport for Development being produced by academics, keynote speaker, Professor Dr. Cora Burnett of the University of Johannesburg, criticed that these reports have mainly only served the academic community: “It’s no use having only an academic environment in which to share your research. You need to share this with a wider audience”.

On a practical level, Kristina Bohnstedt from Scort, portrayed how they have been able to promote collaboration: “Scort set up the Football-for-Development Partnership Programme to facilitate sports clubs to work together. And it’s important that each club contributes what it is good in.”

Also Serena Borsani, Director from Sport2build, who gave a poster presentation on a sport for reconciliation project from Kenya, emphasised the need for comprehensive sport for peace-building strategies. Asking who can become involved in such programmes, Borsani said: “All three levels of societies can participate: the grassroot level, the market and the government”.

The day was rounded off with a panel discussion.


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Amélie Gottier


Sunday, September 18, 2011 - 23:00