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Showdown in Phnom Penh


Showdown in Phnom Penh

The German sports magazine “Outrun“ – specialising in sport for people with disabilities – has recently published a detailed report about the standing volleyball world cup in Cambodia.

Standing volleyball is a form of volleyball for disabled athletes with different handicaps. “Outrun” is a magazine that focuses on the sportive stories of the athletes rather than on their disabilities.

The article describes the experiences of the German national team in Phnom Penh, which entered the tournament as a favourite and has finally become world champion. However, the article also depicts the various challenges awaiting the national team: hot and humid weather, unfamiliar food and last but not least the very tight games!

Besides the success of the German team, the report focuses on other aspects of the tournament as well: the crowd, the support provided by the Cambodian people who fascinated the Germans with their enthusiasm, and the Cambodian National Volleyball League Disabled (CNVLD). The CNVLD is an NGO aiming to raise awareness about people living with disabilities, and is also seeking to position Cambodia at the centre of the sports for disabled scene. The CNVLD has successfully organized the event and generously waived the participation fee usually requested from the teams.

The popularity of this event amongst the Cambodian citizens has to be seen against the historical background of Cambodia. This Southeast Asian country has among the highest rates of landmine-related incidents. Furthermore, Cambodian amputees have often been subject to discrimination. Against this background, it is striking to note that members of the standing volleyball team are true role models within Cambodia. This was reaffirmed by the enthusiasm demonstrated by the numerous fans during this unique event.

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Christian Bosshard


Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 23:00

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