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Simple drawings to promote strong messages


Simple drawings to promote strong messages

Arild Midthun, the official Disney illustrator in Norway, returns to East Africa Cup (EAC) 2012 to train young people to use simple drawings to promote strong social messaging. 

Returning to East Africa Cup 

Norwegian illustrator Arild Midthun returns to EAC to promote the role visual communication can play in raising awareness of social issues.  "It was a splendid experience last year and I learned so much about different cultural backgrounds," said Arlid. 

Education through experience
Issac Mwaniki, from CHRISC Kenya, believes that comics are an effective tool because "The drawings are simple, but can give a strong message to the reader."

Isaac's comic, which depicts a young couple engaging in unprotected sex, the male contracting HIV and the girlfriend committing suicide, is not the kind of comic you are likely to come across in a bookstore, but Isaac believes it addresses a very large problem that youth in his community face.

"HIV is a big problem and most people do not know that they can use contraceptives, so by making them aware, we will have less problems," he said. 

"We never do what we are told, so we live through experience and through comics, you give the reader a charcter's experience and you see how to live your life differently. It's the power of positive propaganda!" said Arlid. 

Impact of comics in the community
"We can use these for participants to our tournaments and when we have a league we will make a sketch. When they see it, they will relate to the message," he continues.

Comics have the potential to impact many more lives and through mass participation activities like sport, many more can continue to benefit from the power of illustration. 

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Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 23:00