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Sport Against Discrimination Workshop at the World Social Forum

Sport Against Discrimination Workshop at the World Social Forum

The Italian Sport for all Association (UISP) promotes the importance of sport in promoting rights and equal opportunities for all to practice sport. It also promotes the use of sport in welfare policies to improve the lives of all citizens.The end goal is to create models of good practice and to promote sport as a right for all citizens.

The workshop will be taking place inside the World Social Forum in Belem (Brazil). Sport is a social phenomenon which is having a growing economic and cultural role within our societies.

Thanks to its non verbal language and innate values (e.g. socialisation through sport), sport becomes an instrument to bring people together and can help to resolve problematic situations.

The social role of sport has been recognised recently by the European Union's White Paper on Sport, in which it has been underlined that sport can assume a main role in non-formal education, in volunteering, in the struggle against any form of discrimination and in the promotion of active citizenship.

In addition, the importance of sport as a facilitator for the integration of migrants in our society and supporting intercultural dialogue was recognised in this White Paper.

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Daniela Conti


Sunday, January 18, 2009 - 23:00

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