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Sustainability and contingency planning

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Sustainability and contingency planning

The Commonwealth Secretariat provides resources on funding, policy papers and response packages supporting the sports sector.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the sports sector globally.

As the International Olympic Committee stated: “At this moment, nobody knows what the realities of the post-coronavirus world will look like. What is clear, however, is that probably none of us will be able to sustain every single initiative or event that we were planning before this crisis hit.”

Sport is an important economic sector, and the European Olympic Committee highlights that sport not only provides a high number of employment opportunities, but also uses more intermediate goods than  an average sector, and thus generates important revenues in other industries.

It is also clear that sport’s economic and social strengths will be key in tackling the consequences of the pandemic. 

Contingency planning and sustainability

The Commonwealth Secretariat has assembled resources outlining policies and guidelines implemented by government agencies and sport organisations to help the sport community respond to the pandemic and support longer-term sustainability. The resources cover various key issues currently facing the sporting community:

  • Updates on grants programmes
  • Sources of funding and financial support
  • Country and organisation response packages
  • Policy papers

Visit the Commonwealth Secretariat website for the full list of resources.  


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