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#TableTennisUnited Fund supports over 100 initiatives globally

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#TableTennisUnited Fund supports over 100 initiatives globally

Thanks to the ITTF Group and generous donors worldwide, #TableTennisUnited Fund has supported over 100 initiatives globally since the beginning of the pandemic and will continue to be the backbone of the table tennis community.

North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club

Inspired by the FEMpowerment message for World Table Tennis Day 2021, Scotland based North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club (NATTC) has created unique training sessions targeting at women and girls on Sunday afternoons.

Not only do the participants get to enjoy table tennis for free, ambitious players also receive free coaching from Scottish Junior International Holly McNamara and Jessica Hogg. Whether on or off the table, both players have become the role models for new players, as well as an inspiration for women and girls looking to find their own path.

“We are delighted to receive help from #TableTennisUnited. The equipment provided has proven to be invaluable since we restarted playing table tennis after the lockdown. Once again, the table tennis family has managed to help out within our community and put smiles on the faces of our players. We hope to be able to do the same in the future to help others as part of the global table tennis family.” – Graeme Stevenson, North Ayrshire Table Tennis Club.

The free sessions have proven to be one of the hot topics in the community. All sessions are fully booked – even during the extremely hot weather in summer!

Tahitian Table Tennis Federation

Staying close to the national associations and providing support when needed has always been one of our top priorities for the Foundation. Located in French Polynesia, the Tahitian Table Tennis Federation plays an essential role in promoting our favourite sport in the country, and the craze for it has seen no decline despite of COVID-19.

Listening to the needs of the local table tennis community, the Tahitian Table Tennis Federation has set ambitious goals for 2022. They include having 1,000 clubs and leagues in all the archipelagos and providing a 12-month compensation assistance package for the new league coaches by June 2022.

“We cannot thank you enough for the equipment donation and the financial support. This is crucial for our plan to promote table tennis.” – Alizé Belrose, Tahitian Table Tennis Federation.

Thanks to the #TableTennisUnited Fund, the number of coaches has already doubled since August 2021, allowing the Federation to continue the programme to promote grassroots table tennis in Tahiti. By the time this update is published, first league coaches have already been sent to the archipelagos of the Leeward Islands to promote table tennis, and the local clubs have already received the rackets to continue training.


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Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 14:03

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