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Taekwondo: art, discipline and citizenship

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Taekwondo: art, discipline and citizenship

The Jadir Taekwondo Association shares a bit of history of taekwondo and how they support youth development within and beyond the sport.

Discipline, civility and citizenship. These are just some of the teachings that the practice of this Korean martial art can provide.

More than 2000 years ago, a group of young people from the aristocracy of the ancient kingdom of Silla, present-day Korean territory, conducted physical and mental training to defend their homeland and their people from enemies' attacks and invasions. The love for their homeland, their code of conduct, and their achievements made the young Hwarangs legendary warriors.

Martial arts are part of the history of many countries and have remarkable aspects in the development and training of its practitioners, one of them being the discipline.

In the Community Taekwondo Project, created and developed by the Jadir Taekwondo Association, classes serve as a means of building and reinforcing important values ​​through discipline, civility and citizenship. These are just some of the teachings that the practice of taekwondo can provide.

The classes begin with a salute to teachers, fellow students and the national flag. The discipline and commitment to the martial art reflects on the participants' personal lives.

The results achieved by the project go far beyond the classroom. With the motto of forming champions in sports and life, the project creates a link with formal education, encouraging students in the pursuit of individual and collective development.

The project has assisted more than 6,500 children and youth since 2000.


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