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The University of Edinburgh's Academy of Sport


The University of Edinburgh's Academy of Sport

The Academy of Sport is a network of collaborators both within and external to the University of Edinburgh that provides a place for the world of sport to gather.

Two premises guide the work undertaken at the Academy of Sport. Firstly that sport has a part to play in addressing the challenges that face humanity in the 21st century, and secondly, to serve as an independent think tank that addresses these challenges through evidence, dialogue and advocacy.

The academy builds upon three pillars of activity:

Pillar 1: Impact
The academy seeks to bring together the most innovative research from across the university to help tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing sport today. The academy and its contributors will seek to identify sport’s contribution to issues of social justice, poverty, health, inequality, international development and cultural relations, governance and the environment.

Policy briefs, advice papers, articles, books, research reports, media briefings, and social media outputs are some of the ways we will try to influence opinion, analysis, and policy, as well as providing open access to independent sports research.

Pillar 2: Study
We offer both credit bearing and non - credit bearing opportunities to access education. Whether it be access to our free online courses about aspects of football, a post-graduate qualification in sport policy, management and international development or a PhD in sport - we seek to work with, support and develop those studying with us.

Pillar 3: Dialogue
We aim to create a space for dialogue about how sport can contribute to society. Some of the ways in which we seek to contribute to a sports dialogue are through our public sports seminar series; joint Edinburgh and Toronto public talks on sport, physical activity and physical education; the Sport and Society interviews; blogs; and events are some of the ways in which we seek to contribute to a sports dialogue.

We aim to:
  • Engage a critical mass of knowledge, research, strategic collaboration, influence, access and opportunity through sport
  • Provide an independent sports observatory to address problems and suggest solutions
  • Advance an understanding of sport’s contribution in addressing global, local and international issues
  • Influence future agendas, policy making and its impact through advocacy and evidence based interventions
  • Advocate the potential of sport and education to make a difference to people’s lives
  • Provide access to the University of Edinburgh and sustain a commitment to exploring the potential of sport to reach disadvantaged communities
  • Engage with governments, international sports organisations and those who seek to influence the world through sport
  • Build a better understanding of the role of sport in diplomacy, cultural and international relations, and foreign policy
  • Promote the links between research, evidence, education and advocacy
"The academy is more than a think-tank, it provides independent evidence, it is a vehicle for advocacy and of course it has programmes within it which are open to a wide range of people, and is opening up access to education through sport"

- Professor Grant Jarvie (chair of sport, founding Academy of Sport director)

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Work: +44 (0)131 651 6577

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