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World Parks, World Cup Football Tournament brings communities together

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World Parks, World Cup Football Tournament brings communities together

From 17 to 22 February 2016, Parufi hosted the regional round of the International Parks Football Tournament.

World Parks, World Cup is a unique tournament about celebrating communities, park officials and law enforcement who sacrifice communal land, time and energy to make National and Transfrontier Parks not only possible but there for the whole world to enjoy, to adventure through and there to protect the environment for the next generations.  

This annual tournament lends itself to the positive mobilisation of communities, the use of communal land and the motivation of youth through football as a galvanising force to kick start the advancement of social development in remote Transfrontier Park regions of southern Africa. By initiating this concept we are able to bring to the forefront of people’s minds locally and globally the real value behind Transfrontier Parks: people, environment and conservation. 

For the teams and communities this was a real opportunity to flourish; pride abounded in the teams playing. Teams came together in the spirit of sportsmanship, and communities shared in food, drink  and football.

The economic opportunities for the local community of Pafuri, Mozambique was very clear as many local people sold food, drinks, beer and traditional Lala Palm wine (matshema).

Respect and discipline was shown by all, xenophobia was banished from the tournament as communities from Mozambique and South Africa played together, cooked together, drank together and celebrated together.

You can find out more about this tournament here.


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