Call for abstracts: "Why do we dis people's abilities?"


Call for abstracts: "Why do we dis people's abilities?"

The Centre for Business in Society will be hosting an international, inter-disciplinary disability sport conference for academics and practitioners. The deadline for submitting abstracts for oral or poster presentations is 29 February 2016.

The conference will focus on the use of disability sport as a tool for peace, development and social inclusion. The conference aims to bring together practitioners and academics working in the field of disability and Paralympic sport from around the world and get them talking to each other and hopefully working together moving forward.

The conference itself will be based around four main themes:

  • Sport and health for people with disabilities
  • Paralympic legacies
  • Disability sport for peace and development
  • Disability sport and social inclusion


All abstracts must be submitted in English as this will be the official language of the conference. For authors whose first language is not English, the organisers recommend that assistance is sought from a person who is fluent in English for preparing the abstract. Prior to submission, please use the spelling and grammar check that is available in most word processing programmes.

Number of submissions

Each author may submit a maximum of two abstracts.

Word limit
The abstract, excluding the title, authors’ name(s) and affiliation(s), has a maximum limit of 3000 characters (including spaces). Please use the word count available in most word processing programmes to check the number of characters while preparing the abstract. Tables and figures can be included in the abstract but these will be included in the word count.

Type of presentation
Abstracts will be accepted as oral or poster presentations. The final decision lies with the organising committee after review of the abstracts. However, if you only wish to be considered for one type of presentation then please mark your abstract accordingly e.g. ‘For Oral Presentation Only’.

Oral presentations will be restricted to 15 minutes of presentation time followed by five minutes of discussion. This time limit will be strictly adhered to during the conference so that the sessions can start and end on time and the delegates can plan accordingly. Presenting authors must bring their oral presentations as PowerPoint slides stored electronically on a CD or Flash Memory disk. Each room will be equipped with a PC projection system. Technical support will be available to transfer your presentation to the computer system in the room. All presentations will be in English. Authors should decline from oral presentation if not comfortable in addressing an audience in the English language. Translation services will not be available.

Student submissions

Student presenters will only be eligible for the reduced student presenter rate when they are presenting their own work and no other author listed on the submission is eligible to pay the full conference fee rate. To qualify for the reduced student presenter rate the student must present the work themselves at the conference.

Each abstract will be reviewed for its merit and/or relevance to the conference themes.

Submission deadline
Abstracts must be submitted electronically no later than Monday 29 February 2016. All authors must submit the abstract electronically to

Event location: The TechnoCentre, Coventry University Technology Park Event, Coventry, UK

Contact: Mandy Bisla

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