Efficacy of sport for development interventions - Call for proposals by Laureus Sport for Good


Efficacy of sport for development interventions - Call for proposals by Laureus Sport for Good

A review to identify common factors that impact the efficacy of Sport for Development interventions in nine locations and how these compare to other youth development approaches. 


Laureus Sport for Good, working with the Commonwealth Secretariat, intends to commission a review to examine critical factors that impact on the reported efficacy and potential to scale youth-focused Sport for Development (SfD) interventions, and the extent to which these can be compared with other youth development approaches. The review will focus on targeted geographic locations and examine four specific thematic intervention areas. In undertaking this comparison the review should consider the quality of ‘evidence’ for SfD in these contexts, identify common factors that impact on the efficacy and potential to scale SfD interventions and examine the extent to which the evidence allows for comparison between SfD and other types of youth development interventions.

The aim of this review is to examine:

  • Critical factors that impact on the efficacy of SfD interventions in selected locations and the potential to scale these approaches
  • The quality of evidence for SfD interventions in relation to specific thematic areas
  • How the impact of SfD programmes compare to mixed and (non-sport based) youth development interventions (and the extent to which the evidence allows for comparison)

The review should focus on the following thematic areas:

  • Community development, social cohesion & ‘peacebuilding’ (for example: gender inequality and gender based violence; crime, conflict and gang involvement;discrimination; countering violent extremism; and, promoting respect and understanding in and between communities)
  • Education (for example: raising academic attainment; developing social andemotional learning; improving access to formalised education structures; and,raising awareness about health and lifestyle issues)
  • Employment (namely: enhancing employability skills)
  • Mental health and wellbeing

Next steps & timeframe

Proposal to be submitted to by 7 October 2016. All proposals will be reviewed by a panel comprising of representatives of Laureus Sport for Good and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The proposal should outline:

  • Cost of the proposed consultancy service
  • Proposed scope of the analysis in each context/under each theme
  • Outline of methodology/approaches that would be used to develop relevant
  • Outputs, as well as specific actions that would be undertaken and the time frame for implementation
  • Outline of existing knowledge and expertise of team members and what their roles would be on the project
  • Examples of relevant past work (provided as an annex)
  • Two referees who can testify to the quality of your work.

Laureus will review and respond by 28 October 2016.

The mapping should begin in early December, with an interim report submitted by 1 February 2017 and the final report submitted by 24 March 2017. The budget for this review is £25,000 and the timetable would be negotiated with the successful candidate.

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