European Lotteries launches the EL Sport Award


European Lotteries launches the EL Sport Award

Driven by its core values, the European Lotteries Association, launched a new initiative, the EL Sport Award, which will be open also to sport for development projects in Europe.

The EL Sports Award, starting from 2017, will be offered every year to an NGO, organisation, or a person that has produced substantial work and tangible results within the field of sport, and most specifically within the wider area of sport for societal change or sports integrity, fully in line with the EL core values.

The award targets organisations or persons active both within the field of grassroots sport or professional sport that have developed a project/activity with a concrete social impact within the field of sport.

Submission guidelines

Eligible projects are those that:

  • Seeks to promote grassroots sport, including the European Week of Sport

  • Makes this society a better place (addresses societal phenomena), using sport as a tool (e.g. social inclusion through sport projects / tackling radicalisation through sport)

  • Concretely fights against negative phenomena within the sport world (match-fixing, corruption, spectators’ violence, doping etc.)

Eligibility for Applicants

Applicants could be:

  • Natural persons (e.g. former athletes)

  • NGOs

  • Public or private organisations or associations (e.g. municipalities, local NGOs, umbrella associations, even sport clubs)

  • Any natural person, NGSO, club, public or private organisation, active within the field of grassroots or professional sport can be considered.

Application Process

The application procedure opens on Tuesday, 6 September 2016.

Interested  organisations/natural  persons  should  send   to  EL  Sport  Executive   Secretary,  Evangelos  Alexandrakis  at, the following documents:

  • A clear description of the project leader (organisation/NGO/natural person)

  • A clear description of the project/initiative (clearly indicating objectives, activities, results)

  • A description of future activities as part of the project/initiative

  • Any additional material (e.g. video) could be also added

The deadline for applications is December 31, 2016.

A Selection Committee, chaired by the Chairman of the EL Sport Committee, will discuss the applications and the winning project will be notified in April 2017.

EL Sport Award ceremony
The EL Sport Award will be handed during the EL Congress in Krakow, Poland in June 2017. Travel and accommodation costs will be covered for one person representing the winning project/organisation.

Along with the Award, 5,000 CHF will be handed to the winning project, which will have to be spent on similar activities/initiatives.

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