Conference Report - Development Through Football


Conference Report - Development Through Football

Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC)

In the run up to the first FIFA World Cup on the African continent in 2010, a Pan European conference was organised as part of the Football for Development project - Development through Football - Sustaining the potential of the first African World Cup in Vienna from the 23rd to the 24th of April 2010.

The major outcome of the conference was the adoption of an Action Plan at the end of the conference attended by representatives of 63 development NGOs and initiatives, development through sports organisations, football clubs and associations, fan initiatives, players’ unions, sport organisations and media, academic institutions as well as governmental bodies including national development agencies, United Nations and European Union institutions, from 26 different European and African countries.

The Action Plan adopted affirmed the strong commitment of these bodies to make full use of the potential of football and other sports to overcome underdevelopment, poverty, address gender inequity, all forms of discrimination and social exclusion.

The results, activities and proceedings of this transnational and multifaceted conference are now available in full...


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