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Sport and sustainable development in Botswana: towards policy coherence

Sport and sustainable development in Botswana: towards policy coherence

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New research explores potential connections between sport, policy and sustainable development in Botswana.

There are increasing connections made between sport and sustainable development and, globally, there is increasing agreement on the areas where sport is best positioned to support sustainable development.

However, much of this work remains focused on global policy and does not always take into account the needs or realities of individual countries. This is certainly the case for Botswana. 

New research seeks to explore and deepen the connections between policy, sport and sustainable development in Botswana. Using policy coherence as a theoretical framework, this new paper analyses the current policy landscape in Botswana and proposes national policy objectives and instruments to support sport’s contribution to sustainable development.

Ultimately, the results suggest that sport should be re-focused to achieve objectives related to economic development, education, and health. Numerous concrete policy instruments are likewise suggested, including investing in small-scale sport infrastructure, public awareness campaigns and better sport educator training. 

Though this research is only a first step, it can hopefully provide a useful starting point for discussions on sport, sustainable  development and policy in both Botswana and elsewhere. 



Louis Moustakas & Arda Alan Işık


Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 10:24

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