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Sport for Life Manual

Sport for Life Manual

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SportImpact has launched the Sport for Life Manual, now available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. The manual aims to help anyone launch and manage a Sport for Life initiative easily anywhere.

Sport for Life is a volunteer movement of youth empowering themselves to take charge of their lives, their communities, their countries and the world. Through sport, it helps create a world where everyone is empowered to fulfil their potential and dreams. Sport for Life has a strong culture of self-empowerment that generates a powerful ‘do it!’ spirit, enabled by the ‘zero-dollar model’: even if we have no access to suitable resources, when we really want something, we always find solutions to make it happen – no matter what.

Sport for Life is composed of two key activities:

  • Youth-led Sport for Life courses and train-the-trainers plus practical project roles where youth gradually develop as managers, facilitators and leaders
  • Youth-organised multi-sport, multi-theme activities allowing kids to sample different sports and experiences that teach positive values and habits

The manual is a how-to guide covering:

  • The Sport for Life objectives and philosophy
  • Project management: how to manage human resources, build partnerships, organise courses & events, and evaluate & publicise results
  • Course facilitation: sharing key facilitation principles and the Sport for Life five-step facilitation methodology, and providing actionable guidelines on how to run Sport for Life Courses and Youth Leadership Camps for maximum participant engagement and empowerment, including access to all training materials

The manual is part of the Sport for Life Startup Kit, which also includes the Sport for Life Drive - a library of ready-to-use documents to help anyone start Sport for Life in zero time. Dozens of editable materials such as forms, check-lists, templates, etc., to make the job easier.

SportImpact’s Master Facilitators can help partners launch Sport for Life initiatives in new countries. They can be contacted through this application form.




Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 12:57

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