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Article: How to Assess Impact

Article: How to Assess Impact

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Impact assessment can be a particular challenge given the lack of generally accepted standards for impact accounting. SportImpact wrote this article on ‘How to Assess Impact’ to support internal impact assessment work, but also to help others working to generate positive world impact, in particular those in the sport for development sector.

The article structures the impact assessment process in seven steps:

  1. Identify Objectives: Why are we assessing impact? For what audiences?
  2. Define the Theory of Change: How are our activities producing outputs that lead to the outcomes and impact we envision?
  3. Choose Indicators: What could be metrics to assess our results?
  4. Collect Data: How are we collecting data to assess results?
  5. Analyse Data: How to store the data and analyse it in order to extract insights, key lessons and recommendations?
  6. Report Impact: Tell the world about our results, through multiple channels and formats.
  7. Take Action: Adjust activities according to what we’ve learnt, in order to maximise impact!

Different steps are illustrated with SportImpact’s examples from the Sport for Life project, and nuggets of advice by people from multiple organisations, who offered their time to share views, practices and challenges assessing impact in sport for development: Tom Keyte (InFocus), Laurent Torrecillas (Inuksuit), Diamil Faye (Jappo), Wesley Chirchir (KESOFO), Fred Engh (NAYS & IAYS), Joanna Zipser-Graves (Olympic Solidarity/IOC), Karine Teow and David Gouju (Peace and Sport), Jakob Lund (Play31), Jackie Lauff (Sport Matters), David Duke (Street Soccer Scotland), Maja Hebel and Mirella Domenich (streetfootballworld), Silvia Wronka (UNDP), and Mori Taheripour (Wharton School/USAID).



Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 14:00

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