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1st Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sport

1st Afro-European Conference on Physical Education and Sport

The congress focuses on the current trends of physical education and sport, their objectives in a multicultural changing society, and the role that professionals play in it.


11/12/2015 00:00


Rabat, Morocco|11.15.2015

The congress hopes to bring answers to many questions and highlight further trends and perspectives of physical education and sport development in Europe and Africa through a dynamic and efficient North-South cooperation.

Main topic
Physical education and sport for peace, development and multicultural understanding.

Physical education

  • Quality of physical education at schools
  • Inclusive physical activities
  • Equity and diversity in physical education
  • Physical education and sports at universities
  • Economic and legal problems of physical education and sports
  • Leisure activities, nutrition, health and healthy life style of children and youth
  • New technologies and physical education
  • Good practices in physical education

  • Education and training of professionals: coaches, PE teachers, managers
  • Preparation of sport talented children and youth
  • Sport, cultural dialogue and social integration
  • Sport and psychological preparation
  • The sports training and competition in the globalised world
  • Sustainable development, sport and health
  • African women, sport and physical education
  • Sports and media
  • Sport, ethics and violence
  • New practices in sports-studies

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