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1st Biennial African Sports Development Conference Expo


1st Biennial African Sports Development Conference Expo

The Staff at African Sports Monthly deems it necessary to conduct a forum of stakeholders and experts in the sports arena to address the problems plaguing Sports as well as its use as a tool for development on the Africa continent especially at the sunset of the UN's MDGs by organizing the very first ever African Sports Development Conference and Expo.


12/04/2013 00:00


Ghana, Accra|07.12.2013

In December 2013 African Sports Monthly Magazine will assemble Government Sports and Education Ministers, Presidents of Governing bodies, Chairmen of Football Associations and other sports, Directors and Commissioners of National Youth organs and movements, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), operators of sports Academies, the UN, at a Hotel Conference Hall and lobby in the Capital City of Accra Ghana.

A micro and macroscopic look will be taken at the Issues of Sports for Development in Africa, its use as a tool for Development on the Continent and how to also elevate sports performance to a new and higher level in Africa. A consensus approach to evaluating and meeting the UN’s MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) using Sports as a vehicle for African Countries will be looked at especially during these sunset years of the MDGs; how they have helped and what limitations where met.

Preliminary list of Sports for Development topics and Issues that will be addressed at the conference

  • Sports as a vehicle for national and continental development – as seen through the lens of the UN’s MDGs
  • The Role of NGOs and International Partners in developing sports on the continent (this Includes Sports Academies and foundations operating in the continent)
  • Girls and Women in Sports a 21st century approach (The FIFA Womens World Cup) – How to harness and encourage Girls to be involved and excel in Sports in Africa.
  • Sports & Education – what roles do sports play in schools and colleges across Africa how can Sports Bodies partner with schools and colleges to leverage the development of particularly grassroots sports across the continent? How can sports benefit schools and colleges across the continent?
  • Introducing and Developing New Sports Disciplines to the Continent (Australian and American Football), addressing the issues and limitations of the development of sports on the continent.

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