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1st CSR Senegal Trophy

1st CSR Senegal Trophy

The final day of a month-long football tournament promoting CSR in west Africa.


10/05/2013 00:00


Dakar, Senegal

You are cordially invited to the Léopold Sédar Senghor (LSS) stadium in Dakar (Sénégal) this coming Saturday 5 October 2013 for the final day of the first edition of the "Trophée RSE Senegal" tournament allied with the Supporters of Sport and Business (les Valeurs du Sport et de l'Entreprise), organised by the eight business partners of Initiative RSE Senegal.


The tournament has been running since 7 September and will finish this Saturday 5 October 2013.

4.00pm - Semi-final opposant SGBS à OROMIN Sénégal
5.30pm - Final opposant EIFFAGE Sénégal à ENERGECO Afrique


The theme of the tournament is  "Sport and business engaged in corporate social responsibility (CSR): shared values"

Performance is part of contemporary vocabulary for both the sports and business worlds.  In sport, in individual or collective disciplines the results culture, the respect of values and the mobilisation of partners are essential to reach a high level.  These characteristics are equally shared in the CSR domain.

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According to Sylvie Bertherat, member of the Business Impact Association, the first link between the values of sport and business is best illustrated in the spirit of competition:

Demonstrating excellence:  The spirit of sport is readily associated with success, to better oneself, with a corollary which accepts failure.  The majority of businesses who have suceeded over time, have themselves lived with failures and surpassed them.  To accept adversity, to know how to lose a battle in order to win the fight, the match, the race is the challenge of every entrepreneur as of every sportsperson. It is these values of courage, effort and perserverance (to prepare oneself, to practice again and again) which allows people to win in the field of business like that of sport.

And respect: We talk on one hand, in business, of respecting house rules, the rules of life, the rules of business, the rules of management; on the other hand, in sport, we have the rules of the game, the rules of the race.  The rules unite the members towards the same objective and define the group.  Without such limits, the team cannot apply their full capabilities.  It is the role of the manager like that of the referee to make them respect the rules under the threat of disqualification or punishment.  These rules can only live in transparency, challenging each person's loyalty to the team and the hierarchy and so in their relationship to others and to themselves for they have accepted the given rule first of all and only discussed it afterwards.

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The second link to make between the values of sport and business is that of health : To take the adage "sound mind, sound body", sports activities are particularly interesting for business because they are quite simply a vehicle for health and well-being.  Business wants collaborators who have a balanced life for they give the best of themselves.  A balanced life avoids problems of suffering at work.

These similarities are strong and convince us that the values of sport can serve those of business.


A network of eight business partners of the CSR Senegal initiative are organising, under the banner of promoting business values, the 1st edition of the CSR Senegal Trophy, a tournament amongst these eight businesses.

The eight businesses (SGBS, EIFFAGE Sénégal, CFAO Sénégal, SGS Sénégal, SIAGRO Kirène, BHS, OROMIN, ENERGECO Afrique) engage in CSR and so will compete in a spirit of fair-play during the tournament at the Stade Léopold Sédar Senghor.

L’Initiative RSE Senegal
The CSR Senegal initiative was launched in 2008 by the Cabinet CFPMI, it is the first office to specialise in CSR in west Africa, aiming to promote CSR in Senegalese businesses and other west African countries.

This initiative, whose activities are supported by businesses (brought together under the CSR Senegal office - 24 in 2013) and partnering insitutions (Canadian Ambassador to Senegal, French Agency for Development, German Technical Cooperation GIZ, Dutch Ambassador, Agency of Local Development, National Council of Senegalese Employers, Institute of Sciences for the Environment  INNODEV, Ecofund and French Volunteers) aims to achieve four objectives:

  1. Promote CSR to businesses and their stakeholders
  2. Foster the interest of public authorities and local groups to put in place favourable conditions for CSR
  3. To accompany business and public organisation models with models of economic development that integrate CSR
  4. To increase the visibility of Senegal and west Africa in the international CSR movement


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