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2010 Global Peace Games


2010 Global Peace Games

Africa Youth Ministries will be running the 2010 Peace Games under the Peace Through Sport Project an on-going initiative funded by various foreign partners.


09/10/2010 00:00


Uganda, Gulu|30.09.2010

Celebrating Peace Through Sport: The AYM organized peace games will offer war affected children and youth a rare chance of fun.

The children of all ages will enjoy diverse supervised activities including soccer, volleyball, netball, rope skipping, rope tags, drama, traditional dances like Bwola, Larakaraka, sandcastle building, and peace painting competitions.

Hundreds of war affected children and youth in Northern Uganda will gather in different communities to celebrate peace as they participate in organized soccer activities.

The 2010 Global Peace games will be used to empowers war affected children and youth to create their own fun filled safe playing spaces and communities by forming partnerships with primary schools, families, and young adult volunteers.

Global Peace Games participants will as well be equipped with peace making Life Skills and values on Reconciliation, Forgiveness, Tolerance, and Non-Violence


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