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2011 Homeless World Cup

2011 Homeless World Cup

The 9th edition of the Homeless World Cup will be held 21–28 August 2011 at Champs de Mars, Paris, France. This first-class annual football tournament brings together 64 teams from 53 countries to fight homelessness.
Participating in the Women’s Homeless World Cup will be 16 teams, making it the biggest to date.


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Paris, France|28.08.2011

The Homeless World Cup is an annual, international football tournament. The project works through a network of over 70 national partners to support and promote grassroot football programmes. Since the first tournament in 2003, the Homeless World Cup has been carried out on four continents.

Homeless World Cup aims to “beat homelessness through football”. Over the years, more than 50’000 homeless people have been involved and encouraged to transform their lives. The impact has been significant: 70% of players have used the power of football to change their lives.

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