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2013 Antiracist World Cup (Mondiali Antirazzisti)

2013 Antiracist World Cup (Mondiali Antirazzisti)

Fans and players will meet to promote antiracism at the 2013 Antiracist World Cup in Modena, Italy.


07/04/2013 00:00


Italy, Modena|07.07.2013

Mondiali Antirazzisti aims to promote antiracism through noncompetitive sport, interaction between fans and players, music concerts and other activities. It's an Italian initiative organised by Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti (Uisp) and Progetto Ultra, with the support of the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network.

Teams compete for several trophies at the tournament, the most important being the Antiracist World Cup which is awarded to the team that has best upheld the spirit and ideals of the initiative throughout the previous 12 months. The tournament itself is noncompetitive, with knockout stages decided on penalties to avoid the results being taken too seriously. 

In the first Antiracist World Cup in 1997, 80 participants and 8 teams from 4 countries took part. The event has grown a lot since then, and organisers expect the 2013 competition to attract around 8,000 participants and 250 teams from all over the world.

It started as a football tournament but now includes basketball, rugby and volleyball too.

The registration for the football torunament will start from 20 April. You can subscribe your team using the form online.


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