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28th FISU Conference 2015

28th FISU Conference 2015

The objective of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) Conference is to create a platform to present scientific papers on university sport and to stimulate the research on the topic.


07/11/2015 00:00


Gwangju, Republic of Korea|07.14.2015

The themes discussed in the conference focus on the study of university sport further elaborated with keynote addresses, poster presentations, paper-presentation workshops and discussion groups.

Main theme:
The impact of university sport on the global community

  • What roles can/does sport in general play in the development of the community?Does university sport play the same role(s)?
  • In what areas does university sport have an impact on the community (local and global)?
  • Should a growing trans-nationality in sport also reflect a trans-disciplinary (implied ‘university sport movement’s) approach to FISU’s mission, vision and development over the next 10 years? What might this look like?
  • What interaction exists between university sport and health, education and economy (business)? Can this be used innovatively to develop a range of dynamics to better prepare students and student athletes for their future careers?
  • How can the policies/direction of FISU contribute through technology to improved global communication and mutual understanding through sport and education in and through sport?
  • Is there a role which FISU could consider playing through its unique positioning in major multi-sport environments in influencing the “politics of sport” and the increasing political nature of sport – a hot question, given the values of FISU.
  • In the face of globalisation, how can and how should FISU through its programmes and activities contribute to social development at a global level, including such issues as equity and diversity, integrity in sport?

  • University Sport and its eco-environmental impact
  • University Sport, humanity and social development
  • University Sport and innovation through information technology
  • University Sport and global education developments

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