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28th ICPAFR Symposium on “Physical activity and fitness: Challenges and new perspectives”

28th ICPAFR Symposium on “Physical activity and fitness: Challenges and new perspectives”

The Lithuanian Sports University in the city of Kaunas is hosting an international conference based on the theme: “Physical activity and fitness: Challenges and new perspectives”.


08/24/2016 00:00


Kaunas, Lithuania|27.08.2016

International Council for Physical Activity and Fitness Research (ICPAFR) is one of the oldest and most interdisciplinary physical activity-related scientific societies in the world and has a membership spanning a wide range of scientific disciplines. Its aim is the development of basic and applied research in physical activity and fitness in order to promote the quality of life most conducive to the realization of one's highest creative potential through physical activity and fitness.

Throughout history, physical activity has been differently considered in various parts of the world, however, all cultures assigned to physical activity an important role. In western countries it became part of the formal education process as “physical education”. However, despite the efforts of many scientists, inactivity seems to increase among most ages in different countries and this is one of the big challenges that many continental areas are facing.

ICPAFR and LSU hope, with this symposium, to be able not only to thoroughly determine the challenges that we must face globally, but also to intercept the new perspectives that are set up worldwide.

Main theme:

  • Global challenges and innovative approaches in physical activity and fitness research

  • Behavioural aspects of physical activity and exercise
  • Social and environmental factors related to physical activity
  • Exercise physiology and genetics
  • Nutrition and physical fitness
  • Physical education and youth sport
  • Physical activity and healthy ageing
  • Exercise, physical activity and fitness for special populations
  • Recreational physical activity and leisure

Early-bird registration deadline: 15 May 2016
Late registration deadline: 15 July 2016

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