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2nd European Conference on Education Through Sport

2nd European Conference on Education Through Sport

The 2nd European Conference on Education Through Sport on the theme “Living together through Sport”.Following the success of the 1st European Conference on Education Through Sport in Strasbourg in November 2008, the sports social science research team from Strasbourg University are organising this conference “Developing sport as a social and educational tool in Europe”.


04/07/2010 00:00


France, Dunkerque|08.04.2010

The conference aims to form an overview of the situations encountered in the different countries of the European Union.

  • How, and under what conditions can sport be a tool to foster social links and living together between different people in the same territory?
  • How can demand from new sections of society be satisfied?
  • What are the answers provided by those involved in sport, but also by local authorities, public institutions and different associations in the light of a more and more diverse demand from the public, whilst maintaining social links and living together.

Researchers, those involved in the field, European MEPs, those in charge of institutions, directors of the European sports movement, students and key players are invited to attend the conference and share their thoughts and experience with the aim of formulating recommendations.

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