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2nd PAX AIKI International Seminar for Peace, Sport and Development

2nd PAX AIKI International Seminar for Peace, Sport and Development

A one day gathering of PAX AIKI's partner network.


04/06/2014 00:00


The seminar

The success of the inaugural event in 2013 led to the decision to host a second seminar on the new UN International Day of Sport for Development and Peace. The aim is to create regular international Aikido trainings sharing expertise from Europe, Africa and Asia. PAX AIKI is the first step towards building an intercontinental aikido community dedicated to the idea of sport for peace and development (6 April). 

The seminar is a cooperative initiative between the Aiki Mundus project (est. 2009) and the Polish Aikido Association "Aikikai Polska" led by Piotr Borowski.  The event will be truly international with delegations from Poland, Kenya, Holland, Germany, France and USA. It is understood that video links will once again link to project participants in Kenya to broadcast the training between continents and cultures.

The history

In 2009 Martin de Noirmont arrived in Kenya with his family and realised that aikido was completely unknown there. Noirmont set up the first dojo/group and asked many European organisations for help in the development of aikido in Kenya and the region. Only Piotr Borowski and the Polish Aikido Association answered this call and since 2010 the two groups have been working together to develop aikido.

Despite financial difficulties the partnership has provided continuous training and in early 2013 their efforts were rewarded with the formation of the first east African aikido federation - Kenya Aikido Federation "Aikikai Kenya".

The project

Aikido training is combined with educational sessions. Aikido is non-competitive and hence we see in aikido a special, social role where people cooperate, improve their skills and come to solutions quickly.  During this process participants develop an understanding of peaceful, harmonious ways to resolve challenges (or conflicts).

In 2013 the project was nominated for the Spirit of Sport Award by Sport Accord (Switzerland).

Interested parties are invited to check back to this page as more details become available in the coming months.