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#BEACTIVE Squat & Talk

#BEACTIVE Squat & Talk

Smart up that body and brain! ENGSO, Panathlon International and the European Lotteries invite you to take part in our #BEACTIVE squat & talk event during the European Week of Sport.


Mon, 09/24/2018 to Tue, 09/25/2018



Will you challenge your body with the simple but argh-so-effective Bring Sally up* challenge? Are you joining us for mind-opening discussions on gender, money and physical activity? You are welcome to choose to squat, talk or both!

Provisional programme:

#BEACTIVE & squat: Bring Sally up Challenge*

  • Followed by a casual lunch
  • Time: Monday 24/09 at 11.30–14.00
  • Venue: Pharumlegal (Avenue des Arts 43) and Parc de Bruxelles

#BEACTIVE & talk: Seminar on gender and the funding of physical activity

  • Followed by a networking lunch
  • Time: Tuesday 25/09 at 10.30–14.00
  • Venue: Pharumlegal (Avenue des Arts 43)

Participation in the event is free of charge – but limited. Click here to register.

* Bring Sally up - The concept is extremely simple. We play Moby's song "Flowers". Then in the rhythm of the words of the song - "up" and "down" - you take the position, fall and rise to take off. The planks, low chair, legs near the ground.

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