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Beyond Rugby 2017

Beyond Rugby 2017

Since 2012, Beyond Rugby has taken place in the heart of rugby communities across the world exploring how the sport can be used to tackle key social issues. From the UK to the USA, the one-day event has focused on rugby’s positive role in addressing gang crime, social inequality and aggression amongst young people in urban areas.


Sun, 10/01/2017


United Kingdom

Hosted by Beyond Sport, speakers ranging from the most influential figures in the sport to innovators using rugby on the ground have raised awareness about the sport’s role in employability, accessibility and equality.

Through dialogue, discussion and debate we’ve established rugby’s power as a tool for change and now, in 2017, we will take that understanding to the next level by using this knowledge to explore how we can grow the game in a way that is beneficial to both the sport and the industry as whole.

New Programming

Showcasing some of the latest and most innovative ways rugby is being used to tackle prevalent social issues: practitioners will demonstrate real-time examples of how the sport is being implemented in different ways to make it relevant for different audiences.

New Platforms

Showing attendees how to maximise the sport's growing influence: discussions will show how rugby's unique values and infrastructure can help increase awareness, fundraising and partnerships.

New Markets

Taking delegates ‘around the world’ to learn about opportunities in new markets: from Asia to the USA to Africa, experts will share how rugby is developing and how teams, leagues, governing bodies and NGOs can align their strategic objectives with social initiatives to help expand their presence.


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