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Beyond Sport Workshop Week

Beyond Sport Workshop Week

Workshop Week will be an interactive time to connect, improve, reinvent and create solutions to current and future social and business challenges together.


Mon, 06/15/2020 to Thu, 06/18/2020

From June 15 -18 2020, at Beyond Sport we are creating a space for our community to come together to grow, learn and invent new ways to make a positive impact on an increasingly virtual society.

Workshop Week is not another Zoom webinar. We looked at what our sector needed, and developed a dynamic and fully interactive experience aimed at education, ideation and finding solutions. We know you’re facing challenges at a personal, organizational, sectoral and societal level. Workshop Week has been designed to address those issues by working with you through problems and sharing best practice and projections on how the new normal will affect us all.

Confirmed sessions already include re-envisioning sports partnerships in a virtual world, hosted by SAP; activating purpose-based sponsorship in this new landscape, hosted by 3-Win Sponsorship Group; and enhancing your own personal performance and resilience, hosted by Johnson & Johnson Performance Center. 

Lessons on leadership will be shared from people like the chairman of IBM, Mark Foster, and chief strategist for the UK prime minister, Alastair Campbell. And insights as to what the social development landscape will look like in this new normal will come from influencers like adventure swimmer and climate activist Lewis Pugh and award-winning human rights journalist Annie Kelly.

You’ll have the opportunity to do live networking and Q&A sessions, and participate in design thinking with experts on key issues like innovative fundraising approaches and building your ability to cope with adversity while maintaining your mental wellness.

Visit the event website for additional details and registration.

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