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Conference: Sport, Media and Gender 2020

Conference: Sport, Media and Gender 2020

A platform for the knowledge exchange between scholars, stakeholders, and practitioners on the theory-practice divide and gendered media representations of sport.


Fri, 01/17/2020 - 00:00


Northumbria University London Campus
110 Middlesex Street
Spitalfields, London
E1 7HT
United Kingdom

The quality and influence of research produced by sports media scholars from a range of disciplines is improved by both an interdisciplinary approach and the direct, active involvement of stakeholders. As such, the Sport, Media and Gender 2020 conference will provide a platform for the knowledge exchange between scholars (from a range of disciplines), stakeholders, and practitioners who are united by a focus on sports media.

The event will take stock of the current position by examining notable case studies from the recent past. The event aims to foster new inter- and/or post-disciplinary trajectories and scholarship/practitioner collaborations. More specifically, the event has four objectives:

  • To stimulate conversations between academic disciplines, as well as between fields of media policy and practice;
  • To elaborate an historically-informed, future-focused research agenda that accounts for the needs and concerns of policy makers and practitioners;
  • To disseminate emerging findings and insights to a wide audience of academics and non-academics;
  • To identify and agree a series of next steps and practical actions by which to progress the Network and its concerns.

Conference convener: Roger Domeneghetti, Northumbria University

Conference Programme

Keynote Speaker: Professor Toni Bruce, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Auckland, New Zealand

Keynote Panel: 

  • Dr Beth Fielding-Lloyd, Sheffield Hallam University;
  • Dr Stefan Lawrence, Newman University;
  • Leon Mann, founder of The Black Collective of Media in Sport
  • Jane Purdon, CEO of Women in Football.

Panel 1: Nationality

  • At the Crossroads: Examining (re)presentations of women’s team sport in the English National Press 2010-2018; Scot Williams, Northumbria University
  • The Solheim Cup: Media Representations of Women’s Golf, Gender and (Supra-)National Identity; Dr. Ali Bowes, Nottingham Trent University & Dr. Niamh Kitching, Mary Immaculate College (not attending).
  • Frozen Out: Audiences, Affect and Women’s Ice Hockey; Dr. Donna Gall, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Panel 2: Practice

  • 20 x 20: What, How, So What?; Dr Katie Liston, Senior Lecturer, Ulster University & Mary O’Connor’ Chief Executive, Federation of Irish Sport
  • Objectification of women journalists in sports media. A case study of roles in Romanian television; Dr Anamaria Nicola, University of Bucharest
  • Fragile masculinity online: Twitter comments during the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup; Dr. Dağhan Irak, University Aix-Marseille

Panel 3: Bodies

  • Beyond the shadow of the supercrip: A new framework for understanding the gendered cultural (re)production of Paralympic media narratives; Dr Emma Pullen; Loughborough University; Dr Daniel Jackson, Bournemouth University & Prof. Michael Silk, Bournemouth University
  • A Case for The Hybrid Media System Theory in the Representations of Trans-Athletes;Gabe Knott-Fayle, PhD candidate Loughborough University
  • Soft Borders and Menstrual Tensions: Resisting hegemonic narratives in boxing; Dr Sarah Crews, University of South Wales & Dr Solomon Lennox, University of Northumbria

Further Information, Registration and Fees

Date of event: 17th January, 2020

Last booking for event: 10th January, 2020

Visit the conference website for information and registration.

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