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Cubamotricidad 2014

Cubamotricidad 2014

The World Association of Stimulation, Education and Children Development (OMEEDI) and the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER) of the Republic of Cuba will host the Cubamotricidad 2014 in Havana.


11/18/2014 00:00


Cuba, Havana|21.11.2014

Cubamotricidad 2014 will also be a framework for holding the following events:

  • 4th World Biennial of Psychomotricity and Children Development
  • 3rd World Forum of Physical Education and School Sport
  • 2nd International Workshop of Physical Activity as a Source of Health
  • International Seminar of Adapted Sports, Horse Therapy and Intervention Techniques
  • Symposium on Recreation, Leisure Time and Sports Tourism
  • Forum on Doping and Physical Activity

The objectives of this great academic event include fostering the exchange of knowledge, good practices and experiences on the following topics:

  • Psychomotor and movement stimulation
  • Practices of stimulation and children development
  • Intervention and motor development programs
  • Habilitation techniques for development
  • Research in related dimensions
  • Basic skills through physical education
  • Curricular perspectives of physical education
  • Assessment on the quality of physical education
  • Physical Education for children with special educational needs
  • Adapted sports, horse therapy and intervention techniques
  • Sports for Development
  • Physical activity in the communities - good practices
  • Assessment of physical activity
  • Environment, active transportation, physical activity and health policies
  • Physical activity and aging
  • Physical activity, gender approach and violence against women
  • Physical activity and non-communicable diseases
  • Fitness: a health alternative
  • Infrastructure of open-air healthy areas and sports
  • Mega events
  • Physical recreation: benefits for health
  • Sports tourism
  • Doping in physical activity


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