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Dana Cup Hjørring

Dana Cup Hjørring

Young football players from more than 1,000 teams and 45 nations will come to Hjørring for the tournament.


Mon, 07/23/2018 to Sat, 07/28/2018



Games are played on more than 60 beautiful green-grassed fields, on one of Northern Europe's finest arenas. There are short distances between the different arenas and fields and football is the major focus. That is the Dana Cup, known all around the World for putting on an international youth football tournament that runs like clockwork.

Young football players from more than 1.000 teams and 45 nations come from all over the world to play the amazing game of FOOTBALL! At the Dana Cup Hjørring, we offer a platform where young players get experience when they unite their passion for football with respect, togetherness, equality, friendship and much more.

Two top class Liverpool FC coaches will join us this summer, doing inspirational training sessions for our players and coaches. The sessions will focus on giving inspiration to players and coaches in their daily training. More information will be available soon, so keep posted, as your team can be a lucky winner of one of these inspirational sessions.

This summer we will have two Center Courts up and running, after the success in 2017. Last year we ran an 11-a-side center court on HI’s arena, which was a huge success. Now together with New Balance we will open up a new 7-a-side centre court on Fortuna’s arena. It is here that Liverpool FC will do their sessions and there will be tournament games throughout the week.

The Dana Cup will also be prioritising live streaming here in 2018. Over the latest years, we have sent live from the opening ceremony, from some single matches during the week and from all of the finals on Friday and Saturday. This summer we will also send live from the two centre courts throughout the week, along with seven to eight other fields within the Dana Cup centre area. This will give people from all around the world the opportunity to follow more games on the sideline when we kick off in July. You will also be able to watch all the games and live streaming after the tournament from our channels.  

The Dana Cup will once again make it possible for you to have some exciting experiences when there is a break between the matches. Our event area in the centre of Dana Cup will sum up a World Cup atmosphere with countless new activities.

Classes and age limits:
Boys B19, B17, B16, B15, B14, B13, B12(7) & B11(7)
Girls G19, G17, G16, G15, G14, G13 and G12(7)

To recieve our tournament prices, just send a quick e-mail to

Our entry deadline is 1 May 2018. You can enter online here.

We look forward to welcoming you and your club to Hjørring in the summer of 2018, you will be more than welcome. Join the Dana Cup Family in 2018!

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