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Doha GOALS Forum

Doha GOALS Forum

The Doha GOALS is an initiative with the expressed intent of empowering stakeholders to create a roadmap for social improvement through sport, and launch cross-border initiatives. This year's edition will focus on sport’s place in national and state policy, and will host heads of state.


11/03/2014 00:00


Qatar, Doha|05.11.2014

There are four touchstones for this year’s Doha GOALS: engaging youth innovation and creativity, empowering people, and the role of sport in the Middle East and North Africa. The four touchstones are present throughout the programme, both in the content and in the selection of speakers. The taskforces are the primary route to developing the social initiatives at the core of Doha GOALS. In addition to two topic-specific taskforces, the 2014 Doha GOALS will have the first “Open Space” taskforce, where participants are led through a lively, dramatic facilitation process to devise new initiatives, develop the ideas, and produce a concrete roadmap for implementation.

Plenary sessions for Doha GOALS will also be infused with novel, creative formats. Sport is never static; analogously Doha GOALS will be filled with action, pace and engagement. To engage youth, the Student Ambassador Programme has become an increasingly important part of the Forum. This year, students, from across the globe, will be given the opportunity to be real game changers by proposing and supporting their own initiatives in front of renowned sports and global leaders as part of the newly launched Pass the Baton Initiative.

The event will consist of sport activities, debates, conversations, networking sessions, case study presentations and receptions.

Please find the full programme at the Downloads section.

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