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Eleventh International Conference on Sport and Society

Eleventh International Conference on Sport and Society

2020 Special focus on "Playful Minds - Assessing the socio-cultural potential of sport and physical activity."


Thu, 06/18/2020 to Fri, 06/19/2020


University of Granada

The International Conference on Sport and Society and its companion journal, book series, and online network are places for the systematic examination a relationship in which sport oft-times enhances social life, while at other times it reflects broader social challenges as well as raising challenges unique to sport itself.

The Eleventh International Conference on Sport & Society features research addressing the following annual themes:

1. Sporting cultures and identities

On sport’s motivations, meanings and purposes. Includes the psychology of sport and the interplay between individual identities and access, equity, and participation in sports. Examines the social and sociological aspects of sport, the impact of cultural traditions and cultural differences on how sports are played or viewed, and the influence of sports on national, ethnic, or community identity.

2. Sport and health

On the relationship of sports participation to physical, mental, or emotional health and wellbeing. Includes the study of health, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine, and biomechanics. Examines the relationships between health/physical fitness and other aspects of life (cognitive abilities, work performance, social interactions).

3. Sports education

On learning about and through sport. Includes physical and health education in schools and communities, teaching and coaching techniques. Examines how sports programmes in schools and communities promote learning, tolerance, social cohesion, and community development.

4. Sports management and commercialisation

On sports organisations, leadership, and management. Considers sports and sporting events as commercial activities. Explores the impact of sports and sporting events on communities, nations, international relations. Includes sports as a profession and the roles of professionals (athletes, coaches, media and marketing professionals) within it. Examines policies, rules and regulations, and laws related to governance and participation.

2020 Special Focus - Playful Minds: Assessing the socio-cultural impact of sport and physical activity

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