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ENGSO Forum: Role of sport clubs in changing societies in future

ENGSO Forum: Role of sport clubs in changing societies in future

Join us in The Square - Brussels Meeting Centre on 11-12 September 2015 to discuss the role of sport clubs in changing societies in the future.


09/11/2015 00:00


Brussels, Belgium

Within the framework of the European Week of Sport, ENGSO is organising its annual forum to widen participants’ knowledge on EU funding possibilities, and initiate a discussion about the role of sport clubs in the future.

Strategies and approaches on how sport clubs can accommodate to changing societies and can activate citizens will be presented. In order to set a good example, sport activities will also be offered. Our Forum, bringing together decision-makers, experts and stakeholders is a good networking opportunity.

ENGSO signed a partnership agreement with the European Commission supporting the European Week of Sport. Saturday, 12 September 2015 is the European Week of Sport focus day dedicated to sport clubs. Therefore, ENGSO decided to organise its annual ENGSO Forum in Brussels to highlight the important societal role of sport clubs in activating European citizens.

Provisional programme

  • Friday, 11 September 2015; 14:00-18:00 EU-funding seminar
  • Saturday, 12 September 2015; 09:00-13:00 ENGSO Forum "The role of sport clubs in changing societies in future"; 13:00-17:00 Sport activities (also open for citizens to join)

For more details see the draft programme

Accommodation will be provided in Motel One (Rue Royale 120, 1000-Brussels) for one night from Friday to Saturday, 11-12 September 2015.

Deadline for registration
Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Participation fee
Participation fee for members: EUR320
Participation fee for non-members: EUR420

Participation fee includes:

  1. Admission to EU funding seminar and the ENGSO Forum "Role of sport clubs in changing societies in the future"
  2. 20% discount on the book "Sport clubs in Europe - A cross-national comparative perspective"
  3. Admission to sport activities
  4. Accommodation for one night
  5. Meals and coffee breaks

  • Helena Carlsson, ENGSO secretary general:
  • Heidi Pekkola, ENGSO sports policy director:

Visit the ENGSO website to register for the event

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