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Fit for Life launch event

Fit for Life launch event

Join UNESCO for the launch of their Fit for Life programme, a new sport-based flagship designed to tackle contemporary
challenges such as physical inactivity, mental health issues and inequality to foster peaceful, inclusive and resilient societies.


Mon, 11/15/2021

Fit for Life activities will accelerate COVID-19 recovery and enhance the wellbeing of people, and of youth in particular, through effective, evidencebased investments and integrated action from policy to practice. The Flagship, led by UNESCO’s Social and Human Science Sector, will benefit from strong contributions from the UNESCO’s Education Sector.

The Fit for Life Flagship has 5 objectives:

  1. Increase grassroots participation in sport and quality physical education to reduce inactivity and chronic diseases (physical and mental)
  2. Support the development of quality and inclusive sport policies which drive health, education and equality outcomes
  3. Use values education through sport to empower young people, promote equality and build socio-emotional resilience
  4. Support teachers and coaches to promote and deliver quality, student-centred sport curricula
  5. Build evidence, datsystems and use of technologies to support targeted investments in sport and physical education as an accelerator of COVID-19 recovery and rounded development

Sport and sport-based education provide productive pathways for societies and citizens to build cohesion and resilience, but investments and approaches need to be systematized to better leverage the potential in development and COVID-19 recovery efforts.

The Fit for Life launch event provides an opportunity to present the objectives of this flagship and planned activities, and to call on Member States and interested partners to join UNESCO’s Social and Human Sciences Sector in using sport to “build back better”.

The event will take place on 15 November, with our livestream broadcasting from 13:30 to 14:50 (CET).

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