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The ISHPES 2015 Congress

The ISHPES 2015 Congress

The aim of the 16th International Society for the History of Physical Education and Sport (ISHPES) Congress is to provide a forum for the latest research, findings and experiences from the vast field of sport history.


08/18/2015 00:00


Split, Croatia|08.22.2015

The Congress topic "Coming from the past, working in the present, looking to the future - aims, topics and results of sport history" is broad and general, allowing every sport historian, academic, independent researches, lecturer, PE teacher, coach and others - as well as graduate and postgraduate students and experts from cognate and adjacent scientific fields - from all over the world to participate.

Congress themes include:

  • Sport and politics in central and eastern Europe
  • History of physical education
  • Gender in sport history
  • Nationalism and internationalism in sport
  • Big sports events in historical (re)thinking
  • Olympics and Olympic education
  • Sports history and tourism
  • Sport history and national identity
  • Sport as a ‘big business’ in historical perspective
  • Modern and post-modern approaches to sports historiography
  • Sport and socialism – modern views on past times
  • Place and role of sports history in general historical thinking

Visit the ISHPES 2015 Congress website for complete details and registration information

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