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Kick4Life’s Test Your Team Event: Fobane

Kick4Life’s Test Your Team Event: Fobane

This Friday, the 22nd of October, Kick4Life will pack up its’ cars and take the show on the road. For the first time, Kick4Life is hosting a Test Your Team Event outside of Maseru. Fobane, Leribe, is the location for this Friday’s event. Approximately 400 high school students will participate in a football tournament, Kick4Life activities, and voluntary HIV testing and counseling.


10/22/2010 00:00


Lesotho, Maseru|22.10.2010

At this week’s Test Your Team Event in Fobane, the students will be divided into co-ed football teams and play in a tournament of 7-a-side games.

When the participants are not playing in the football tournament, they will be participating in Kick4Life activities or voluntary HIV testing.

The goals of this event are:

  1. To test as many participants as possible.
  2. To follow up with a strong referral system for those who test positive.
  3. To facilitate Kick4Life games, increasing participants’ knowledge and skills regarding HIV.
  4. To hold a successful football tournament.

Starting at 9:00 am, this day-long event will be accompanied by music and dancing for the whole community to enjoy.

After a successful Test Your Team Event last month in Maseru, Kick4Life hopes to do the same in Fobane.

Fobane will be the first of many Test Your Team Events to take place around the country.


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