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Legal Humanism Conference: Sport law and the right to play

Legal Humanism Conference: Sport law and the right to play

Professors of the Law School at the University of Padua will explain the most important points of the procedural and substantial rules of sport law and other guests, who have been involved in international sport successes and Olympic medals, will share their concrete experience linked to this branch of law


05/15/2013 00:00


Italy, Treviso|15.05.2013

Organised by the Association for the Defense of Innovation this conference is expected to be a great opportunity to deepen the knowledge of the sport law through many facets.


  • Antonella Stelitano, expert on sport, peace and human rights
  • Jacopo Tognon, Jean Monnet professor at the University of Padua and panelist of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) of Losanna
  • Paolo Moro, professor of Law Philosophy at the University of Padua
  • Silvia Marangoni, world winner of figure skating
  • Pasquale Gravina, Olympic champion and former member of the Italian national volley team

This is a free event and prior registration is not required. 

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