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Leveraging Sport for Development

Leveraging Sport for Development

Join the World Bank, Solutions for Youth Employment, and Laureus Sport for Good for a hybrid event on how sports programs can have a positive impact on human development.


Mon, 05/09/2022 to Tue, 05/10/2022

Sports-based youth programs are widely implemented across the world. They engage millions of young people every year. In principle, they can encourage positive social, emotional, educational, and community development.

For many organizations, participation in sports is widely regarded as essential for the healthy development of young people and their communities. It is commonly believed that participation in sports, whether individual or team sports if it is purposefully and responsibly delivered can improve individual health outcomes and healthy behavior, keep children in school and increase human capital investment, promote social inclusion, especially of girls, prevent crime, criminal violence, and delinquency among youth, promote pro-social behavior, build peace, and improve employability.

In this hybrid event, we wish to explore if we can establish solid evidence to show that sports programs have a positive impact on human and economic development. 

What are the fundamental components of effective sports programs; what works and what does not? How can we use these lessons to contribute to a wider range of more effective sports-based programs?

Out of these questions we will seek to move towards addressing: How can we establish a new global partnership that can provide solid evidence, program guidance and development support to sports programs that have a positive impact on human and economic development?

When: 9-10 May, starting 9.00 am EDT


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