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Nordic Conference in APA and Disability Sport

Nordic Conference in APA and Disability Sport

A meeting place for all Nordic countries with professionals, practitioners, researchers, students and athletes engaged in adapted physical activities and disability sport in rehabilitation, education, sports, health-related fitness or in other arenas.


08/19/2015 00:00


Pajulahti, Finland|08.21.2015

The goal of the conference is to present Nordic practices, research and development projects within the field of adapted physical activity and disability sport. Conference enables professional networking, collaboration and cooperation.

APA themes of conference:

  • Outdoor and indoor sports
  • Physical activity in schools
  • From rehabilitation to activity
  • Accessibility
  • Inclusion
  • Ideas and equipment for people with high support needs
  • Ideas and tools to promote health of disabled and chronically ill persons with education
  • APA at all levels


English, interpretation Finnish and Swedish.

Contact the Pajulahti Sport Institute for more information
Virpi Remahl:  tel. +358 44 7755 350
Marja Gran:  tel. +358 44 7755 395

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