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The 'One Day One Goal' Campaign


The 'One Day One Goal' Campaign

Through the 'One Day One Goal' campaign, Peace One Day aims to see football matches played in all member states of the United Nations on Peace Day, 21st September. Each 'One Day One Goal' match will celebrate cooperation, unity and the power of football to bring people together on Peace Day.


09/21/2008 00:00


What is 'One Day One Goal'?
  • Football matches played all over the world, whether in major stadiums, local pitches, in the streets, on the beach, etc.
  • Every team is made up of a mix of players who normally may not find themselves playing on the same side – for example, they might be from different cultures, communities, schools or neighbourhoods, families.

Why is 'One Day One Goal' important?

‘One Day One Goal’ is an opportunity for individuals, communities and nations to rise above violence, conflict and differences to celebrate a shared passion and a common goal.

What makes a 'One Day One Goal' match?

You, a football, and as many people as you can possibly bring together to play! Make your One Day One Goal commitment and help spread the word!

View the 'One Day One Goal' campaign playlist:

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