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Sport as a Mediator between Cultures


Sport as a Mediator between Cultures

This conference, including pre-conference workshops from 13-14 September, 2011, will provide a wide range of themes highlighting the importance of sport as a means for social development and peace among different cultures.


09/15/2011 00:00


Netanya, Israel|17.09.2011

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Culture and Sport, Israel, and the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Germany, the conference will be jointly implemented by ICSSPE, Wingate Institute and Zinman College, in cooperation with the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, Israel, the Federal Institute of Sport Science, Germany, and Football for Peace International.

The agenda of this international conference on sport for development and peace includes the following main themes:

  • Analysis of the potential of sport, physical education, play and movement in development and conflict settings;
  • Benefits through intercultural cooperation in sport;
  • Development of projects on the basis of local needs;
  • Development of project structures to facilitate and link development initiatives with existing societal structures;
  • Methods of evaluation of sport activities in different regions around the world;
  • University programmes and academic training;
  • Exploring the potential for future local and regional projects.

Researchers and practitioners in sport, sport science, pedagogy, psychological and social work from all continents are invited to participate in the event.

To register, download the registration form and fax the completed form to +49-30-805 63 86

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