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True Athlete Project New Year re-wilding retreat: deepening connection to ourselves and the living earth

True Athlete Project New Year re-wilding retreat: deepening connection to ourselves and the living earth

Begin your 2017 in unforgettable fashion! Join Vanessa Chakour and Sam Parfitt on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica for a dynamic 5-day retreat to explore the connection with ourselves and our environment.


Thu, 01/05/2017 to Tue, 01/10/2017


Costa Rica

Participants will learn a variety of multi-sensory training techniques and mindfulness practices that focus on long-term, continued development of mind, body and spirit. The transformational experience is open to all, so whatever your goals, we would love to see you there!

We will be meditating on the Caribbean Coast, hiking through the jungle at night, visiting a Jaguar rescue centre, sampling delicious local chocolate, learning about medicinal local plants, and much more! The retreat offers a uniquely holistic mix of mindfulness practices, physical training, and creative expression, to deepen our connection to the world around us, and to discover our true potential!

Vanessa Chakour is the founder of Sacred Warrior. She is a boxer and meditation teacher who regularly presents at the United Nations. She has trained celebrities and athletes, and worked on behalf of the Dalai Lama, among many others. Sam Parfitt is a mindfulness teacher, educator and tennis professional from Great Britain. He founded The True Athlete Project by bringing together Olympians, sport psychologists, social pioneers, coaches and mindfulness teachers, in order to remedy the outcome-driven, often unhealthy nature of sport.

Our experience in Costa Rica will include:

  • Daily meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Intensive training sessions outdoors at Hidden Garden, in the Jungle and on the beach
  • Visualization and Creative exploration techniques
  • Night Hike in the Rainforest
  • Delicious healing, Ayurvedic food and tea ceremonies
  • Plant teachings and elemental meditations for deeper attunement to nature
  • Discussion and goal setting
  • Ongoing support
  • Time to relax, reflect and have fun on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast
  • Stay in Hidden Garden - a sacred geometric eco village

Visit the True Athlete Project website for more information and to register.


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