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University of Bern workshop on the value of sport in integration

University of Bern workshop on the value of sport in integration

The University of Bern has organised a day-long workshop, including lectures and discussions on the question of whether sport is at the heart of integration?


09/06/2013 00:00


Switzerland, Bern|06.09.2013

On 6 September 2013, the University of Bern will be holding an open, critical workshop questioning the value of sport as a means of achieving integration. Sabine Strasser, author of ‘Enforced freedom, Multiculturalism and Feminism’ will begin the day with a lecture entitled ‘Enforced Freedom? Physical performance as a means of National Belonging?’ which will then be followed by a further lecture, ‘The Body in a conflict of cultures’, delivered by Karin Tschirren and Sandra Günter, of the University of Bern.

The afternoon will involve three parallel workshops. ‘Approaches to Practice’, led by the founder of the charity ‘idée-sport’ will lead a discussion using table tennis as an example of an ideal sport; one that is ‘open, participative, and indiscriminate.’

The second workshop will look at integration through sport from the perspective of state administration, particularly the overlap between seeking to integrate the promotion of sport itself, and using sport as a means of promoting integration. The third workshop is called ‘Foreign bodies and ways of dressing, an analysis of dominant interpretations.’

The day will end with a group discussion which will attempt to thoroughly examine and question sport as a crucial, or even the crucial, means of achieving integration.

Events will run from 9am until 6pm and be held in the UniS building, Schanzeneckstr. 1, 3012 Bern, Room A022, B-102 to B-105. After the final discussion, drinks will be served, with the possibility of joining for an evening meal. It is free to attend.

Please note that the lectures and discussion will be held in German.

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