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The US Soccer Foundation Urban Soccer Symposium

The US Soccer Foundation Urban Soccer Symposium

The U.S. Soccer Foundation is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Urban Soccer Symposium on 10-13 March 2016, at the Washington Marriott-Georgetown hotel.


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Washington DC, United States|13.03.2016

The U.S. Soccer Foundation serves as the major charitable arm of soccer in the United States and is a recognised leader in sports-based youth development programmes for children in underserved, urban communities. Every year we have an Urban Soccer Symposium, a professional development event which hosts over 200 sports-based youth development programmers operating in at-risk communities throughout the country.

The Urban Soccer Symposium has become the premier national event for the urban soccer community, hosting community leaders and speakers from across the nation who are working to create access to sport for all children, and dedicated to improving the field of sports-based youth development. The four-day event provides resources, training and networking opportunities specifically designed for youth development organisations working in under-resourced communities.

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