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Webinar: Sports Entrepreneurship - A Practical Guide

Webinar: Sports Entrepreneurship - A Practical Guide

Join World Learning for a webinar on how to become better sports entrepreneurs, either in professional or amateur sports.


Thu, 06/10/2021

Our webinars and Sports Diplomacy exchanges, in general, focus on using sports for generating social progress and making a difference in communities, all over the world. Achieving impact is an elaborate process that requires skills, know-how, and the perseverance of a champion. It is our intention to present, as part of the webinar cycle, sessions with skill building value, supporting those in the audience who aspire to become better sports entrepreneurs, either in professional or amateurs’ sports. The topic today is branding, marketing and community outreach strategies, utilized in sports for social good organizations and initiatives. It is part of the story of how to become a sports entrepreneur.

Our speaker, Rohan Vyavaharkar has a wealth of experience, working with words, images, and sounds to engage readers, viewers, and listeners in sporting teams and events and promoting social causes, on behalf of businesses and organizations. His experience in India, Singapore, and the U.S., working with Red Bull India, NDTV and Stepathlon, a pioneering health and wellness platform, can help participants, regardless of where they are from, to pursue their ideas, develop organizations and generate impact. His current position with Omidyar Network will also provide the perspective of a philanthropic organization, meant to build more inclusive and equitable societies.

  • When: 10 June, 10:30 AM EST
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This webinar is part of World Learning’s International Sports Programming Initiative for Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa Program (ISPI) —Virtual Together program, a series of virtual events, launched in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. ISPI is a program of U.S. Department of State's Sports Diplomacy division.


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