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Wheelchair basketball tournament between the Eagles and teams from Kosovo

Wheelchair basketball tournament between the Eagles and teams from Kosovo

A wheelchair basketball tournament takes place on 17 February 2013 in Gjilan, Kosovo to promote rights of people with disabilities.


02/17/2013 00:00


Kosovo, Gjilan|17.02.2013

5 wheelchair basketball teams from Kosovo and the Eagles team from Albania will participate in a tournament on 17 February 2013 which coincides with the 5th anniversary of the independence of Kosovo. This activity shall confirm the collaboration between the two countries to establish a joint tour and to lobby for rights of people with disabilities and for the reduction of discrimination. This event is organised by the association HANDIKOS (headquarters in Prishtina).

Objectives of the tournament
The Eagles takes part in the mini-league representing Albania and Albanian youth with disabilities, to show that:

  • they are active;
  • they fight prejudice, and discrimination;
  • they overcome barriers;
  • they use sport as a mechanism to fight stigma;
  • they look for more collaborations;
  • and, above all, they are playing to feel equal in a society without prejudice.

Background information on the collaboration between ADP-Albania and KBKT

Active Disabled People Albania (ADP-Albania) has established a collaboration with Wheelchair Basketball Club Trepqe (KBKT) in Kosovo. This cooperation consists in the exchange of experience, considering that KBKT has more experience than ADP-Albania, and also KBKT has participated in games in some European countries such as Austria, Germany etc.

For ADP-Albania this collaboration is very important not only to gain experience, but also to promote the interests of people with disabilities to be involved in sport. Visibility is to be given to people with disabilities by developing friendly matches between two basketball clubs from neighboring countries and creating a common league.

One of the goals of this collaboration is to represent Albania in international games by a team formed by the two countries (Albania and Kosovo) being represented by a single team.

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